About Me

Profile PictureHi! My name is Steven Merrick, born in November of 1986, and I’m an aspiring Chef and Sailor in the United States Navy. I was born and raised in the great state of Maine, and have lived in Washington state, Pennsylvania, and now I am stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. I’m a man whose hobbies include cooking, riding motorcycles, programming, and playing tennis. I also am a collector of teddy bears.

For those who are curious about my stances in life, I am an old-style conservative (fiscal conservative, social moderate), a shamanistic practitioner, and I believe in legal equality for all. I support human rights, and generally believe that if a person is working to make their life better, but needs help, they should get it.

After graduation from Carrabec High School in 2005, I moved to WA and began bouncing from job to job for the first few years of my life. I was a software engineer with Applied Technical Systems, and then worked in various restaurants until I moved to PA in 2009. From there, I worked as a cook in a couple places before I joined the Navy in January of 2011. After my time at RTC, I was shipped out to sunny San Diego, CA for training. Once complete, I joined the USS Nitze in May of 2012.

In January of 2017, I left the Navy and joined Tidewater Community College as a Business Administration student. College life is proving to be fun, and challenging – it’s time to see if from here, I really can go anywhere!