These are the instructions on how to establish an account on the XMPP (Jabber) chat service using the IM program called Pidgin.


First, go to the Pidgin website and download the client. On the page, you should see something like the image linked below – click the download button and the installer should download.


Once the installer is downloaded, run it. On Windows, you will see the following screens; pick the appropriate choices for each stage. For Linux or MacOS, pick the appropriate choices – the installer should be similar to what is seen below. The images shown below are the choices I made and should work as reasonable defaults.

(Note: I turn off everything except the first two selections – GTK+ and Pidgin – but by default on Windows it installs URI handlers and a start menu shortcut. Both of those options are perfectly fine to leave checked.)


After the installer has downloaded and installed the required files, the installation is complete. Click through to finish the installer, and then open Pidgin. On first launch, you will see two screens – a Buddy List, and the Accounts window (shown below).



In the Accounts window, click the “Add” button to show the following window, and then edit it as shown in the second image below:


Once the information is filled in, replacing “your_username” with the username you want to have and “your_local_name” with the name you want to display on your computer, click the Add button. You will see the following window, and will fill it in as shown in the second image below (replacing everything with your actual information):


With all the information entered, click the OK button. You will see a confirmation prompt, and in the Accounts window, you will show your new account.


Click the checkbox in the Accounts window next to your new account (under the Enabled column), and you will see a window prompting you for the password you put in previously. Fill it out as shown below and click OK. You should then see a message from the server – you are now registered and connected to the XMPP server, and can use all the features (IM, the chat room at, and the audio/visual conferencing rooms at – just use the username ( and password you gave during your registration.


Thank you for joining our community, and welcome!