I want to get a job where I can stop this.

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Everyone in the United States is so damn worried about international terrorism and ISIS that we’ve stopped putting eyes on the gross injustices and absolute abuse and overreach of authority that is happening right here at home. There’s no reason why an innocent farmer should lose his or her land to some governmental agency that decides to step in “just because” and not give any factual rhyme or reason for what they are doing. Hell, farmers are the reason that we are all alive today – you know, the whole “people need to eat” concept? – and to treat them like criminals for TENDING TO THEIR OWN LAND is asinine at best and downright evil at worst.

I honestly wish there was a better way than just voting and hoping that the politician isn’t a total spineless asshole or liar (HA!). I would honestly give up a lot of my own time and energy to be able to advocate for people to be able to hold farms and keep their family livelihood going strong. After all, respect for the Earth isn’t defined as leaving her alone and never touching her like a damn museum; it’s being a conscientious caretaker that measures actions and tries to keep them as much in balance as possible.

Sorry for the rant, it just pisses me off to no end that people do this. So much red tape for such a simple job, and no reason for it except to harass honest, hard working people. Where’s the advocates for us?

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