Not a whole lot to say here. I’ve been thinking about writing a post now that I’m out of the Navy and am on terminal leave, but I will leave that for another time. I’m honestly still digesting how that whole time period of my life went, and, well… it’s hard.

But anyway.

The meat of this post is as follows: I am starting up my Let’s Play series again on YouTube. It’s not going to be a daily thing, honestly. I’m hoping for twice a week, though I will try to post at minimum once a week. It’s going to be one main LP and one “side project” that’s generally just going to be some kind of fun little casual game or side thing I’m interested in. May not even be a game at all – at least for the side LP – it may be things like ‘Let’s Teach’ or ‘Let’s Cook’, where I delve into tutorials about software applications, or record myself cooking and walk through the process.

At any rate, if you want to come watch, the URI is right here and I would be happy to have you come by and check out my videos. Let’s do something great!

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